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The Pig

About Pigzebub

Pigzebub Records is here to disrupt the music industry in every way possible. We are all about the music, and the bands that give their heart and soul to make it. That’s the goal. That’s the mission. That’s what we are going to do, so either join us or get the funk out of the way. If you or your band thinks you are bringing something musically unique, then hit is up. Otherwise, don’t waste our time if you sound like everyone else out there.

The Origin of PIGZEBUB

From the moment the band Bloody Stool was founded, they have been mistakenly accused of being satanic. In fact, one of the original merchandise vendors for the band refused to work with them because of this mis-perception. Sonny and the band thought it was so ridiculous that they decided to put out “100% Satan Free” stickers and merch just to shoot the middle finger to everyone who makes stupid assumptions without listening to the music first. Bucky thought the original Baphomet image was pretty funky, and Sonny thought the pig head was an appropriate addition for some weird reason. Regardless, it’s now the coolest record label name and logo in the music business. Long live the Pig!


One of the weirdest inmates at Raeford Prison was a dude that called himself, Garth Vader. That’s a band name within itself. He was in for forgery and could draw like a freak, so he was the logical choice to create the Pigzebub logo. Garth only listens to instrumental bluegrass because he thinks it’s the heaviest music on the planet. That’s pretty weird, but he might be right if it was run through Marshall stacks. Regardless, he came up with one bad-ass logo that represents original, unique, and over-the-top music that doesn’t give a funk. Garth Vader rules and the PIGZEBUB logo is now the joint.


Sonny Haighte met the members of the band, Bloody Stool, while serving time with them at The Florida State Prison in Raeford, Florida. Upon his release, Sonny decided to adopt the same cool last name of the lead singer of Bloody Stool, Bucky Haighte, Jr. because his real name was trash anyway after being sentenced. Sonny looks at himself as the new version of Colonel Tom Parker, who was the original manager of Elvis Presley… and now believes that the next version of Elvis is the one and only Bucky Haighte, Jr. (BKYH8²). Sonny made some legitimate money before going to prison, and that’s what is funding Pigzebub Records. Sonny is no stranger to financial risk, so what the funkin’ hell?…right! The music industry needs to take notice. SNYH8 is in the house.

Sonny Haighte (SNYH8)
President/Founder of Pigzebub Records
Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada

Current Roster

Bloody Stool

Heavy Funkin’ Metal. It’s really that simple. Think of George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic getting into a fist fight with Black Sabbath, while Rage Against The Machine is covering James Brown tunes in the background while the brawl is happening. That’s Bloody Stool. That’s what the music sounds like. The band met while they were all serving time at The Florida State Prison in Raeford. They all paid their debt to society. They all changed their names to protect their innocent families and friends. They all have nothing to lose. They are all in, and don’t give a funk whether you like the music or not.

Their first album (Theory of Volume I) drops on August 8th, 2022. Their second album (Theory of Volume II) will drop on August 8th, 2023. Guess when the next album hits and what it’s called? Just a heads up that you might want to circle August 8th of every year in the future. August 8th will eventually become a National Musical Holiday if Bloody Stool has any say in the matter. The boys are on a mission, and will be consistently kicking musical ass to honor their 888 obsession to their annual interpretation of each Theory of Volume chapter.


Bucky Haighte, Jr. is the creative leader of Bloody Stool and a recognized musical genius. Bucky’s side solo project is going to be a complete freak show. Think of icons like Jim Morrison, Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Roger from ZAPP, Geoge Clinton, Elvis, Hunter S. Thompson….and now BKYH8². In the future, Bucky will be mentioned with those musical idols. His first album is scheduled to be released on February 8th of 2024. There’s a reason for that date, so be patient. It will definitely be worth the wait. It’s game on, and Bucky is getting ready to change it forever.


Bloody Stool’s Theory of Volume I – Heavy Funkin’ Metal will be released on August 8th, 2022. All major distribution platforms will offer this instant classic. The band will also offer the album through vinyl, cassette, CD, and 8-Track, and digital formats.


Sonny “SNYH8” Haighte here to remind you that the heaviest funkin’ metal band in the world just released their first album on August 8th, Theory of Volume I “Heavy Funkin Metal.” Check out 8 of the most unique songs to hit the music scene in a long time. Shout out to all of the band…


Excited to announce that BKYH8², the lead singer of Bloody Stool, is going to be Pigzebub’s newest roster addition to the most disruptive music label in the business. Expect his first album to hit in late 2023 or early 2024, and you need to be prepared for something totally different from Bloody Stool. I don’t…

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